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Below are the franchises that we currently have available
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Comment questions about franchising
Why would I want to buy a franchise?

Franchises have the highest success rates and the lowest failure rates of any business in North America today!  Over 95% of all franchises are still in business after five years because they all come with built-in proven success formulas used by franchisees across the country.  When you purchase a franchise you will receive on-going support for the life of the franchise.  By on-going I mean, marketing, training and management support guaranteed by your agreement with the franchisor.

Why should I pay royalties?
Royalties are the magic that makes the formula work.  What would it cost you to hire a management, marketing, advertising and customer support team?  The answer is…..a lot more than the typical owner would ever spend! How much would you put back into the business? You certainly couldn’t hire this group for under 10% and the vast majority of all royalties are between 4 and 8%.  The wonder of royalties is that instead of the individual owner footing the bill to run his or her business the expense is shared with all of the franchisees within the organization.

How much money can I make?
This is the most frequently asked question and franchising allows the buyer the perfect way to get the answer.  The franchisor will supply to the prospect a complete list of their franchisees with names and phone numbers and they will require the prospects to call as many of these franchises as possible.  This is wonderful because it allows the buyer to ask all of the “real questions”, such as: How much money can I make? How long did it take you to get your business up and running? Were there any surprises that I need to know about? What is the franchisor really like and any other questions that you can think of.  Many franchisors have printed earnings claims in their UFOC documents but they will still insist that all interested buyers call the franchises and get the “real answers”.

Current Franchise Opportunities  

This is a recession proof, cash, management business that allows the franchisee to manage managers and keep their full-time job, while opening multiple units.  Net worth $250K, $150K Liquid


Love Sales?  This is your franchise.  SuperCoups is the fastest growing direct mail franchise today.  Owned by ADVO, Inc. (NYSE: AD), the nation’s largest direct mail company, SuperCoups is a home-based franchise with superior direct mail products, no inventory and no overhead costs.  Great franchise for working moms at $29K and $20K working capital.  Direct sales experience a plus.  

MOLLY MAID:  (A Service Brands International Co.)
Molly Maid franchises come from all walks of life.  They have strong people skills, are good organizers and are comfortable with sales.  Franchise owners do not clean, they manage others.  Net worth $150K,  $20K Liquid

1-800-DRY CLEAN:  (A Service Brands International Co.) 
1-800-Dry Clean franchises are self-motivated individuals that want to control their own destiny.  Take advantage of the $10 billion dry cleaning industry without the hot workspace and expensive equipment and without being a dry cleaner.  $150K Net worth, $20K Liquid  

MR. HANDYMAN:  (A Service Brands International Co.)
Your success as a Mr. Handyman franchise owner is in properly managing your business, not fixing sliding doors.  Good management skills a must, communication skills important.  $150K Net worth, $20K Liquid

We are looking for people with management experience, must have strong people skills and be willing to work hard for the first year.  NO dry cleaning experience required. 
Franchise Fee $30K, Must have $90K, Net Worth $190K, total investment $240K

We are looking for people with at least $40K and good credit, with good interpersonal and business skills, who are comfortable with automotive.  Mechanical experience is not necessary.

We’re looking for people who’ll enjoy working with customers purchasing a new home or remodeling.  Previous sales experience a plus but no decorator or designer experience necessary to become successful in this 5+ billion-dollar industry.  Our business works as well for men as for women.   Franchise Fee: $35K, financing is available.

This is a business to business franchise that requires good customer service and communication skills.  High growth, high profit industry with few employees and multiple location opportunity. Franchise fee $24.5K, Must have 40K/good credit, total investment $100K

We are looking for people who enjoy a hands-on, artistic retail and service environment.  They should appreciate artwork and delight in helping people decorate their home/office. We are looking for management, communication, organization and people skills.  Financing Available, Franchise fee $25K, must have $35K and good credit, total investment, $97K to $143K.

Business-to-Business packaging and shipping of fragile, large, awkward and valuable items up to 2000 pounds.  We offer door-to-door delivery anywhere, with full insurance coverage up to one million dollars per item.  We are looking for marketing people who will secure business accounts throughout their territory.  Franchise fee $27.5K, Minimum capitol requirements $50K, Total investment $70K to $120K, Financing Available.

JAVA’S BREWIN – Muffin & Coffee House: 
Finally a franchise that specializes in gourmet muffins and gourmet coffees.  There are donut chains, bagel chains, coffee houses chains, but until now there has not been a gourmet muffin and coffee house chain!  We offer protected territories for area developers as well as single unit operators.  We require our franchises have a desire to succeed and strong management and people skills.  Franchise Fee: $25K -$49K
  Total Investment: $92.9K-$154K  Net Worth: $150K  Liquid Capital: $65K

This proven “workshops for cities” training program focuses on an untapped market of city employee training and yields excellent financial return.  We are looking for self-confident, energetic, enthusiastic individuals who enjoy being in front of an audience and are looking for a start-up home-based business.  Total investment $49K, Total Liquidity $70K

City Wide Maintenance is a unique franchise opportunity to own and manage a facility maintenance services business that has a 42 year proven record of success.  City Wide is a business to business sales, marketing and management business, that provides over 20 building maintenance services.  This is a maintenance management business.  We are looking for sales and marketing professionals.  Exclusive territories available,    Franchise Fee: $100K,  Financing available – Only 25% Down!

We seek managers and sales people, as well as educators, to operate retail learning centers.  This is a real service business with no inventory.  We offer substantial initial and on-going training and great support.  As the pioneer in the learning center industry we have established our success by responding to the urgent national need for Supplemental Educational Services.    Financing available through approved lenders.                   Franchise Fee  $34K  Total investment $139K to $192K

MilliCare is a business to business franchise that services a variety of high-end commercial customers.  Fortune 500 companies, hotels, airports, convention centers etc….are our key accounts.  Supported by a multi-billion dollar parent company,  MilliCare is a sales business with long-term contracts that act like an annuity toward an even revenue stream.  Franchise Fee $20K, must have $50K liquid and $150K net worth.

Combine the best of two “All American” foods – baked & deli-style sandwiches and ice cream.  A fun people business with popular meal and snack items sold throughout the day for increased sales and profits.  Low inventory and No long restaurant hours.  All American stores are located in regional malls and neighborhood shopping centers. AVAILABLE ONLY: West of
Minnesota including Texas . Investment range $81K to $182K, average investment $135K.  Net Worth $200K & $40 Liquid, single location.  Multiple location (3 or more) Networth $350, Liquid $100K

A one-of-kind place for men and boys to get their hair cut in an entertaining sports environment.  This franchise is designed for the investment buyer that would like to keep his or her job and is looking for a recession proof cash management business.  We sell single, package and Area Developer franchises.    Minimum Liquidity $65K, $350 Net Worth

From our delicious products to our upscale. Cozy ambiance, we focus on the guest in everything we do.  Our locations are selected with the guest in mind to maximize traffic flow and exposure.  Our advertising and marketing plans target a neighborhood guest base to promote brand loyalty and repeat business.  Our training program is designed to ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction.  By staying focused on the guest we are best aligned to reach our greater goal – to open more than a thousand Rotelli franchises across the country within the next five years and establish the Rotelli brand as one that rivals any of the upscale food service icons in
America .  Franchise Fee $25K  Must have $200K Liquid.  

Wine Made Simple is a breakthrough retail concept that’s taking the guesswork out of selecting superb, affordable wines.  By “bringing the wine country to your neighborhood,” you can offer consumers a refreshingly simple, safe and fun retail experience.  We offer a turn-key operation where we will assist you every step along the way, i.e. site selection, build out, complete training and point of sale training, inventory and we even provide a wine education course.  Total Investment $120K , Includes $30K of Inventory. Franchise Fee $25K,  Liquid Capital $100K,  Net Worth $250K

AIM is looking for energetic, enthusiastic individuals who enjoy management, marketing and understand the importance of customer service.  Commissions paid on contract, on completion of training.

Looking for the Perfect Business?  Do you want a Low entry fee, limited employees and employee problems?  How about a business with a large average ticket income and high profit margins?  Does five days a week appeal to you?  A business without demand for high cost real estate interest you?  If you like the automotive business and want to manage a business, not be in one that runs you, then you have found it and we want you.  No mechanical experience preferred.

If you want to keep your full-time job or work in a fun and exciting environment
PLANET BEACH is for you.  Be a part of the fastest growing tanning franchise on the PLANET.  Multi-unit, area development opportunities available.  Minimum $40K Liquidity.

This first to market business serves the massive installed base of ink jet printers for the home consumer and small office market.  Owners manage a minimum of 3 locations to access the demand for ink jet refilling service and products.  Without ink, printers don’t work, and there are over 300 million ink jet printers in the
USA and growing.  Constantly growing repeat business.  Three-pack franchise opportunities, $159,000.00 total turn-key price for three outlets.  Networth $150K and $50K Liquidity.

A twenty-year-old company, recession proof, business to business franchise that delivers three residential services to home builders, Realtors and property management companies.  Office location/professional lifestyle type of business with little or no competition that delivers customers from one service to the other.  Business Management Skills a definite bonus.  Franchise Fee $40K, Total Investment less than $100K.

We are looking for people with strong sales and management backgrounds, who enjoy working with customers and providing the excellent service.  We have 15 years of experience and began franchising in 2000. There are many prime territories available.  We provide all training and site location assistance, along with a full marketing program.  Franchise Fee $40K, Total Investment $95K to $135K.  Net Worth: $200K, Liquid $100K.  Available in all US States.

Mobile pet grooming services that comes to your home.  A cash business with no inventory, no receivables, few employees and no fixed location where franchises can manage the business and keep their current employment.  Franchisees don’t wash dogs they manage people who wash dogs.  Franchisees are upbeat, outgoing people with good communication and management skills.  Franchise fee $17.5K per unit.  Total Investment $135,000 - $482,500.  Net Worth $500K, Liquid $100K.

Full-time results for part-time effort.  Super Laundry is looking for success oriented individuals who want to own a business and not a job.  This concept is an upscale, easy to understand self-service laundry store that requires 15-20 hours per week of the owner’s time.  Because Super Laundry stores are computer controlled, the owner can operate the store with a lap top computer from the comfort of home.
  Franchise Fee: $30K, Net Worth: $500K, Liquid Capital: $150K to $300K, Financing Available

Business-to-Business pre-employment background screen; perfect for the corporate escapee with strong management and people skills.  In today’s security conscious environment, employers demand to know more about the people they hire and HR First Contact fills that need.  Exceptional training and marketing support.  Territory development agreements available.  Franchise Fee $35K, Liquid Capital $50K.  Net Worth $100K, Total Investment $70K to $210K

The ultimate in quality, quick service food franchises offering several different profit
Sources including delicatessen, bakery, food delivery and catering.  Available in Express Store and Full-Service Production Store.  A very simple quality-of-life type business that Is easy to run and operate. Minimal start up costs.  Franchise Fee: $22.5K-$25K  Net Worth: $150K   Liquid Capital: $50K

A franchise specifically designed to respond to the growing customer dissatisfaction with high priced, low quality dry cleaning. It is priced to be well within the  financial range of many who are seeking a high quality, customer service franchise with potentially strong returns on investment.  Available in Drop Store and Plant.
  Franchise Fee: $22.5K-$25K  Net Worth: $150K  Liquid Capital: $50K

Instant Imprints is at the leading edge of franchising by combining five opportunities into one franchise, which improves the profitability for the franchisee. The five profit centers are; Embroidery, Screen Printing, Promotional Products, Banners/Signs and Transfers.  Combined sales in these five industries are over $50 billion.  Available in Express and Full-Service Production Store.
  Franchise Fee: $25K  Net Worth: $150K  Liquid Capital: $50K

Tuff Turf, Inc. uses the latest technology to create and install an artificial lawn and or putting greens at business and home.  A unique and innovative product that looks and feels like real grass, yet homeowners and businesses enjoy maintenance free lawns that last for years.  A very simple quality-of-life business that is easy to run and operate.  Minimal start up costs.  Franchise Fee: $44K Net Worth: $120K Liquid Capital: $60K

We offer an expanded portfolio of products and services well beyond the scope of competitors.  This innovative concept offers printing, copying, packaging, shipping and more without the heavy investment and complexity associated with traditional printing shops.  We are looking for customer focused individuals with strong communication skills.  Franchise Fee: $27K  Liquidity: $45K  Net Worth $150K

Nothing but Noodles was created by franchises for franchises.  We know the intricacies of franchising, mistakes to avoid, what works and what doesn’t.  We know that our success is achieved through you success and are confident that Nothing but Noodles is a quality concept that you will be proud to be a part of. This company is the culmination of the partners experience and belief that work should be fun, profitable and rewarding.  Franchise Fee: $25K, Total Investment $226-$337K,  Net Worth $1 Million, Liquid $100K

This is an upper-management franchise, designed for the executive, that operates during traditional business hours and is ideal for area development.  As the pioneer in virtual officing, we are serving the dramatically growing sector of business by providing prestigious address services, a secretarial level of “follow me” communications and professional meeting space for our clients.  All the benefits of a traditional office, at a fraction of the cost.  Work from home, work from anywhere… just do it more professionally.  Liquid: $150K, Total Investment: $350-$500K

A franchise for Relationship Style Sales People.  We are looking for aggressive people willing to work a 60 hour week their first year in business doing extensive COLD CALLING!  Min. 30 B to B cold calls/day!  A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  This home-based sales franchise is the perfect business for someone who has outside sales experience and are not hard closers.  BPE offers over 250,000 consumable business products to local business with free next day delivery an no minimum order, at prices competitive with the superstores while still remaining profitable!  Products like Office Supplies, Office Furniture and Computer products make up this $250 Billion domestic market.  We buy direct through Staples, Corporate Express and
Boise ’s supplier channel!  Key aspects of the business are that it has low overhead and no inventory requirements. Owner/operator or expanded with salesforce.  Monthly expenses should be under $1,000.  Franchise Fee: $24,995 + Min. $20,000 territory fee.  Total Investment $50K

The premier business consulting franchise.  Perfect for those looking for a professionally oriented business service concept.  Only business service concept that allows the franchise to work as a specialist, or generalist, in the capacity of a consultant, mentor, trainer, or facilitator with any small, medium, or large company in the vital areas affecting their business success.  Net worth $100K, $30K Liquidity.

Do you live, breath and enjoy sales training?  Are you a self-starter with sales experience and the desire to gain financial freedom?  If you have the determination to succeed…then D.E.I. has an exciting franchise opportunity for you.  D.E.I. America’s Premier Sales Training Firm for Prospecting and Selling, offers you the chance to own your own firm in the $1.7 billion sales training industry…while enjoying the benefits of an outstanding franchising company with a proven selling system.  Franchise Fee: $50K  Total Investment $93K

GRN sells franchises in the permanent placement industry (this is not a temp business).  GRN is the premier service organization that delivers quality training, advanced technology and superior field support enabling our franchise network to search and profitably place qualified talent for their clients.  Our management team consists of seasoned veterans who’ve previously sold, trained and supported over 2000 franchises in the permanent placement industry.  Liquidity $50K, Net worth $150K

A recession proof business that offers the convenience and expertise to the automotive customer.  Proper maintenance of a vehicle is defined by in-depth training and industry knowledge, providing the customer with the “value” they deserve.  There are now more vehicles and less service bays across the country, positioning Precision Tune in an exciting industry for now and the future!  The motivation to succeed and grow in the future is all that is needed.  With almost 27 years of experience, our team has the training, business plan and marketing structure to support your automotive.  $200 Net Worth, $60K-$80K Liquid.

REZCITY.COM: is a unique franchise opportunity offering an online city guide and online travel store with an unprecedented income opportunity.  We are looking for individuals with sales, marketing or promotional skills.  No technical skills necessary.  Exclusive territory’s available.  Franchise fees from $1K (Fee is based on territories of 25,000 in population, 0.04 per name above 25,000).  Home based business opportunity.  Part Time or Full Time.


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